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We are thankful for anyone who prays for us. Prayer is what Jesus commands us to do to help us achieve God’s will on Earth. If it was unnecessary Jesus would not have spent so many hours praying to his Heavenly Father when on earth. Paul instructs us to pray without ceasing. We should heed his advice!

France has very few Christians. There is much spiritual darkness and oppression. Prayer makes possible a breakthrough so that the light of Jesus will shine in the darkness and overcome it!

Prayer Team

We are very thankful for our prayer team in San Diego who have prayed for us faithfully and enthusiastically throughout the time that we have been missionaries in France. We share prayer requests with them as well as Marco Polo video messages. During Covid we have had the wonderful opportunity of praying with the team live on Zoom once a month. This was a life-line for us at a time when we were very isolated. Please contact us if you would like to join our prayer team.

Praying but not in our prayer team

Many friends are not able to be in our prayer team but pray regularly for us : thank you! At the bottom of each newsletter we provide prayer requests and we hope that many people are praying for our ministry in France. If you are not receiving our monthly newsletters by e.mail please subscribe. If you would like to pray with us on zoom please contact us.

Asking your church or small group to pray for us

It is always wonderful when the larger Christian community prays!