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Practical help

What practical help do we need?

  • We need to find a good rental agent, who is fair and honest. Does anyone have any recommendations?
  • We need help selling and giving away much of what we own. We need to work out the relative costs of shipping certain things as opposed to purchasing the same things in France. Ideally we would love to talk to someone who is good at logistics, to help us make these decisions.
  • Our lease car expires at Christmas. Does anyone know a reliable but inexpensive car that we could rent/ buy until we leave in the summer?
    (Jesus answered this prayer! Our lease car was due to be turned in in December. Instead of having to buy a second hand car, the lease has been extended with no extra payments due! Ask us for the full story.)
  • Do you have any friends who are interested in finding out about our ministry in France?
  • Shepherd’s Staff, the missionary organization that we are connected to, recommends that we have a team that will regularly pray for us and encourage us. Please let us know it you are interested in being part of this team.